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The revolutionary new NVIDIA Volta GPU Platform powers the NVIDIA DGX – 1 System – optimizing it for Deep Learning and analytics. Using GPU-optimized software, simplified management tools, and a fully-integrated design, these systems allow for incredible performance and outstanding results. All NVIDIA DGX systems are especially to help data scientists explore AI and Machine Learning – from the desk to the data center and the cloud.

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Built for Leading AI Research

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  • Effortless Productivity

    Today, it can take hundreds of thousands of dollars to spin up an open-source deep learning environment – also it may take months for the software to stabilize, and become usable. However, with the NVIDIA DGX-1, you can immediately be productive using built-in workflows and collaboration tools with your team. Especially, This lets you save time and money.

  • Revolutionary AI Performance

    While there are other solutions using GPU-accelerated computing, only the NVIDIA DGX-1 can truly unlock the full potential of the TESLA V100 architecture – such as next-gen NVLINK and Tensor Core architecture technology. With 3x faster training speed than other GPU-based systems, the GPU Deep Learning Stack is optimized to work with today’s most-used AI frameworks.


  • Investment Protection

    You have the full power of NVIDIA’s deep learning team backing your project. So with enterprise-grade support, you can get the results you expected without wasting time and money. Specifically, NVIDIA support helps you avoid troubleshooting your hardware and open source software. Moreover, lets you spend more time focused on AI discovery.


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