Use Your Own Personal AI Supercomputer To Dive Into Deep Learning – Cutting-Edge AI At Your Desktop

The NVIDIA DGX Station is the world’s very first personal supercomputer – built specifically for bleeding-edge AI development. It uses the same Cloud Deep Learning Stack that powers all NVIDIA DGX systems – allowing you to experiment both at your desk and across all DBX-based cloud systems. This allows for easy, simplified experimentation from your desk to your data centre – and everywhere in between.

DGX Station vs. DIY

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The Only Supercomputer Designed for Your Office

Whisper-quiet, with a beautifully-crafted design and incredible performance, the DGX Station by NVIDIA is designed to help you experiment with AI in your office, lab, or workspace.

  • Get the Fastest Start in Deep Learning

    Your work should be in discovering new AI applications – not hardware setup. With the DGX Station, you can minimize setup and deployment time, and avoid deployments that take weeks. Just plug it in and power it up – deployment is intuitive and simple. With an integrated hardware and software design, you can spend more time collecting insights – and less time on setup.

  • Productivity from Desk to Data Center

    Don’t spend time and money on IT when you could be spending it on data science. The DGX Station can save you quite a bit of money – both in downtime and inefficiency when designing open-source frameworks.

    With the DGX Station, you can start experimenting at your desk now – and scale to data-center sized workloads using the NVIDIA DGX-1, or the cloud, using NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning technology stacks and containers.

  • 4X Faster Than the Fastest Workstations

    With the computing capacity of a four-rack server in a single, desk-friendly package, the DGX Station provides incredible performance – at less than 1/20th the power consumption of a comparable server. Using NVIDIA NVLink technology, Tesla V100 GPUs, and a brand-new Tensor Core architecture, the DGX Station provides 500 TFLOPS of power, and a water-cooled design ensures that it stays cool and efficient while providing 3x the performance of the most cutting-edge workstations on the market.

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